7 Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Look Larger

If your small bathroom has you feeling cramped, a remodel may be in order. With quality bathroom remodeling, even the smallest spaces can feel open and inviting. While working with your remodeling contractor and designer, communicate your special needs.

Here are seven ideas that you can bring to the table:

  1. Muted Monochrome: Selecting a soft tone to use for the walls and features of your bathroom will open the space immensely. White-on-white is the classic selection, but any light-colored monochrome will work as well. Also consider using the same color for both the wall tiles and wall paint.
  2. Natural Light: Let in as much light as possible to open the room. By selecting a large window or skylight, the eye’s view will extend past the ceiling and walls.
  3. Large Mirrors: Large mirrors create the illusion of more space. Aside from your vanity mirror, consider adding large floor or wall mirrors to the space, too. Much like large windows, mirrors allow sight lines to travel beyond the confines of the bathroom’s walls.
  4. Optimize Storage: A classic home improvement tip, use every storage opportunity to its fullest potential. By creating compartments within drawers and cabinets, you can eliminate clutter. Open surfaces are important in letting a room breathe.
  5. Open Shelving: When planning out your storage construction, include open shelving. Shelves tucked into closets eliminate space, while exposed shelves create depth. Remember to keep them neat, as clutter creates a closed-in feel.
  6. Reach High With Tile: When planning out your shower tiles, consider placing tile from the floor to the ceiling. Sudden changes in material cut up the wall, making the ceiling seem shorter.
  7. Use Bigger Tiles: Similar to the above idea, using bigger tiles creates fewer grout lines. More lines break up the space, giving it a cramped appearance. Let the eye breath by thinking big.

Bathroom remodeling contractors will be able to explain which space-opening ideas are realistic for your home renovation project. These projects, while they may seem intimidating to begin, are central to home improvement. In fact, small bathroom remodels make up 78% of all remodeling requests, according to a survey by the National Association of Homebuilders. Take full advantage of your remodel opportunity by designing the space to its full potential.