Bathroom Remodels? Be Sure to Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes

24 Apr Bathroom Remodels? Be Sure to Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes

Bathroom remodels are an extremely popular choice for Americans. Bathroom trends have changed drastically over the years, and these days, we want them to feel airy, clean, and luxurious. But even though bathroom remodeling is quite common, that doesn’t mean that every renovation ends up looking great — especially if it’s a DIY project. Between complicated plumbing, tiling, and storage components, it’s typically much better to hire bathroom remodeling contractors to make sure your renovation ends up looking beautiful and functions the way it should. If you opt not to work with general contractors on your renovation, you’re more likely to make the following three mistakes.

    • Overspending
      Above all, you need to be realistic about your budget and make smart financial decisions. If you don’t keep your spending in check, a minor renovation could easily turn into a huge money pit. A smart renovation will have an excellent ROI, but if you spend too much on minor components, you won’t be adding any value to your property. Create a budget and stick to it as closely as you can. Spend the money on features that will add functional value, rather than aesthetic quality. For example, 91% of survey participants said they plan to install energy efficient toilets. While that’s a smart move, splurging on those custom features may not be. And unless you’re working with experienced remodeling contractors, try to stick with the original layout to cut costs.
    • Poor Lighting
      When designing your new bathroom, you need to give careful consideration to your typical routine. On the average day, you’ll probably bathe, shave, groom, style your hair, or put on makeup. All of those activities require excellent lighting. If your remodeled bathroom is too dark or has harsh lighting, your usual routine will probably be ineffective and frustrating. Excellent lighting can make or break how you feel about your bathroom.
    • Overcrowding
      No one wants to feel like the walls are closing in. Many bathrooms tend to be on the small side already, and by having too much in your bathroom, it’s only going to feel smaller. Too much clutter and not enough open space will make your family and your guests feel a bit claustrophobic. If you don’t feasibly have room for both a shower and a bath, a stand-up shower is preferable. Get creative with your storage options, too! Qualified general contractors can help you come up with ideas to maximize your small space.

If you’re planning on doing a bathroom remodel, you’ll need help from our professional general contractors. To get started on your renovation, contact ULF and Associates today!

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