Nichole arrived in Edwards at the age of 6, and grew up joyfully in Colorado. Her deep knowledge of the area has naturally lead to her to pursue an interest in Vail Valley real estate.

A young Swedish girl growing up in a family of builders and craftsmen, she always treated each person with the same warmth and determined care.

Nichole lives each day being happy. Truly happy.

And she does so by following these tenants:

be healthy, be positive, heal and help, give love to everything, and bridge the gap.

As your Vail Valley real estate agent, Nichole is like fresh mountain air and warm sunshine. Driven, determined, and skilled. Calm and motivated. Widely connected to attract the right people, to find the right buyers and present the perfect home for you.

And this is why you want Nichole Lindroth on your side, as your real estate agent. She knows true craftsmanship. Her friends and family are skilled builders and woodworkers. She knows the area. She knows real estate in Colorado.

Life is simple, live well. And hire great people like Nichole.

Vail Valley Real Estate, Nichole Lindroth