Verity Eisenman

Account Manager

Verity, or Vee as we call her, is a vibrant and key team member at ULFBUILT since 2016.  Verity has an exceptional ability to multi-task, stay organized and be precise with her work.  An integral part of the construction process, she is responsible for all accounts, payments, insurance compliance, working with the project managers to complete all construction draws and keeping all HR requirements complete.  She keeps our team on track and supports our projects as a critical team member.

Originally Vee came over from Northampton, England to enjoy a bit of snowboarding. She promptly met and later married her husband.  Vee has been in the Vail Valley for 17 years and with her husband, they have created a family, built a home, and have had loads of fun!  Vee enjoys time with her adorable boys and husband out snowboarding, hiking, enjoying good food and traveling with her family.