Trend Towards More Contemporary Modern Design

Trend Towards More Contemporary Modern Design

Design is very popular subject these days. There are thousands of websites, magazines and TV shows dedicated to the subject. Surprisingly many people are uncertain as to exactly what design is. According to the dictionary, the design is the process of determining the look and function of an object. This object could be anything from a teacup to a suspension bridge. This definition of design is so vague that it is nearly useless. However, of all the custom builders in Vail Colorado, ULFBUILT is a contemporary modern design trendsetter.

Because of the enormous range of objects requiring design, the process may involve working in many disciplines including art, science, engineering and logistics. Before there can be any serious discussion about design, we must determine exactly what kind of design we are talking about. In our case, we are talking about designing buildings.

Elements of Contemporary Design

The architecture of contemporary design is quite simple. Open spaces and clear lines of sight are essential. Interior design is where things really get interesting. Wood floors are essential, and contemporary designers often choose light brown or gray colors. Contemporary design of the interior spaces has a few elements that seem to appear again and again:

  • Contemporary Colors
    Contemporary interiors often feature monotone color palettes in earth tones such as brown, taupe and cream. To break up the monotone look, designers often include a brightly colored element such as a painted wall, a floor rug or a piece of art.
  • Furniture Design
    If you have ever been to IKEA, you have seen contemporary furniture design. This style features clean lines and smooth surfaces with no carving or other adornment on surfaces. Silhouettes are narrow but not delicate. Wooden furniture is most commonly made from light toned woods with minimal graining such as maple and birch. Tables and other pieces may incorporate frosted or clear glass, stainless steel, nickel and chrome.
  • Simple Fabrics
    Contemporary design often includes natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, and wool. The neutral color palette and natural texture of these fabrics lend themselves well to contemporary design. When they want to add color, many designers reach for pillows, rugs or throws with geometric patterns.
  • Functional Lighting
    In contemporary design, lighting serves two purposes. Recessed lighting improves the functionality of a space by giving occupants the light they need to complete tasks such as reading, office work or preparing food. The other purpose of lighting is aesthetic. In this case, lighting is used as an artistic statement. This lighting comes in the form of floor and table lamps. Lamps are often designed with straight lines and metallic finishes. For color, designers use customized lampshades.Design is an essential aspect of every type of manufacturing. From complex machinery that must accomplish difficult tasks to pieces of art that serve no function other than to look beautiful, without design, none of these items could be realized.

    When it comes to your home or place of business, design is just as essential. A poorly designed space with haphazard color choices is not in place anyone wants to spend time in. Whether you are starting a new project or a renovation, consider ULFBUILT to assist you. Contact us today!

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