Vail Construction Companies are increasing

Vail Construction Companies are increasing

Ask 100 people where the most beautiful place in the country is and you will probably get 100 answers. However, if you ask 100 avid skiers the same question, you will hear the same answer again and again. What is the answer? It is Colorado, specifically Vail and surrounding areas. And today, Vail construction companies are booming.

The History of Vail
The town of Vail owes its existence to the Vail Ski Resort, which opened in 1962. Founded in 1966, it is named after Charles Vail, the highway engineer who brought US Highway 6 through the Vail Valley in the 1940’s.

Vail by the Numbers
Vail is a small town of 5500 people, situated in Eagle County. The population of Eagle County grows at 2.53% per year since 1970, more than twice the growth rate of the United States as a whole. The median income of the region is over $70,000 per year, nearly 50% higher than the overall United States.

Vail is a desirable area to live in with incredible skiing and year-round beautiful mountainous terrain. Furthermore, Vail stays comfortable most of the year with summer high temperatures averaging in the 70’s. Population growth and high income makes the Vail Valley an in-demand area for Vail construction companies.

Buying a Vail Custom Home
Building a custom home with a Vail general contractor like ULFBUILT is a commitment of time and planning, and the results are worth the effort. Here is an outline of steps to consider:

  1. Financing
    Unless you have the cash on hand, a custom home starts with a construction loan. Banks consider a custom home build riskier than a more traditional home buying process. You can expect to pay a down payment of 20 to 25% of the overall cost. Make sure you factor the cost of general liability insurance into your plans.
  2. Find an Architect and Builder
    This may be the most important part of the process. Working with the right Vail construction companies can place your dream home build onto a graceful path into reality. You can choose an architect and a Vail custom home builder independently. Or you can hire a design/build company that handles the entire project for you. Whatever way you go, remember to check references and visit previous projects if possible.
  3. Select Your Lots
    Before your architect can draw up your plans, you must find a lot. The best custom homes are a part of the land they are on. When choosing your location, you need to think about more than just the scenery. Is your plot in a desirable neighborhood? What about access to utilities and the road?
  4. Plan to Avoid Delays
    Once you select your location, your architect can complete your plans. The best time to make any changes is now, before you start construction. Once the build begins, any changes you make can cost extra and delay completion. Building your dream home in the Vail Valley is truly exciting. In order to ensure your project turns out right, start by comparing ULFBUILT with other Vail construction companies.

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